TURMERIC, a resolute independent pharmaceutical company, was incorporated in Nigeria to primarily carry on the business of the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals products with a firm adherence to global best practices.

The Company’s concept is built around running a frontline client-service driven and successful pharmaceutical firm,  with the intent of meeting the drug/care delivery   supply  gap that is experienced especially in Africa and also correcting the existing process of getting drugs/care to the end  user that is charaterised by unethical handling of pharmaceuticals.The Company is a small, group of dedicated   professionals that have accumulated valuable years of experience in pharmaceutical business operations in the health industry. In our quest to continue adding value to our clients, TURMERIC has partnered with various pharmaceutical brands to offer best quality healthcare at competitive rates.  

TURMERIC is a formidable entity staffed by highly skilled professionals with a true depth of experience in the business of procurement, clearing and logistics services, dealing with regulatory agencies, market intelligence, distribution and sales. Our shareholders are our major employees, and this fosters a true spirit of partnership internally: every facet of the business and its well-being is of fundamental   importance to us all. We  attract talented entrepreneurs who respond to the exciting opportunities that an independent firm gives them. We are strong, resourceful and adept at understanding the needs of our clients. we make decisions quickly with short chains of command and this, in turn, plays to long-standing partnerships with our clients, who lookup to us for nimble thinking, creative solutions – and an unwavering commitment to reliability.We are also desirous of piggybacking on our industry experience to play in the healthcare industry of the economy and harness the huge opportunities presented by the market in Nigeria and Africa.

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